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Is Kroger Open On Labor Day Hours 2022?

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What day of the year is Labor Day, in case you were curious? It’s getting close! If you don’t have a Labor Day weekend getaway planned, don’t worry—there are plenty of great Labor Day sales to take advantage of on September 5, 2022. It’s important to remember that the holiday is meant to honour and support America’s workforce, so be considerate of those who are working while you’re out and about.

This year’s Labor Day service and store hours are listed below, along with a few that will be closed. It’s always a good idea to check with your local stores to confirm their hours of operation before making a special trip. These Labor Day decorations, furniture sales, and restaurants open on Labor Day are just a few of the Labor Day activities you can enjoy.

Labor Day is a great opportunity to enjoy a last barbecue before the end of summer and the return of fall temperatures. It’s a busy weekend, so you might be wondering if Kroger will be open on Labor Day 2022 if you need something last-minute. The next logical question is: what time will Kroger be open in 2022?

Your local Kroger is almost certainly going to be open on Labor Day 2022 if you’re making your famous hamburgers or cocktails and you run out of an essential ingredient. On Labor Day, stores in Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee confirmed that they’d be open for business as usual.

As standard hours can vary from store to store, and some stores may alter their hours slightly on holidays, it’s always best to check with your local store before you go shopping. Using their online store locator, you can discover the location closest to you, as well as its address, phone number, and operating hours.

Starting Sept. 1, Kroger is offering some great deals on Labor Day staples, so even if you don’t plan on shopping there on Labor Day in 2022, you may want to make plans to do so between now and then. In their weekly ad, you’ll find deals like $2.99 for a whole seedless watermelon (delicious when grilled), $7.99 for a pound of boneless beef strip steak, and buy one, get one free on Oscar Mayer hot dogs, to name a few.

Is Kroger Open On Labor Day Hours 2022?

Is Kroger Open on Labor Day Hours

A box of Honey Maid graham crackers, a 12-oz. bag of marshmallows, and a 6-pack of Hershey’s chocolate bars are all available for $7. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Kroger card to take advantage of these and other savings from September 1-7.

No matter if you’re starting your shopping early or just remembering that you need ketchup for your Labor Day cookout, Kroger has you covered this holiday.

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