Top 6 Bobs Furniture Labor Day Sale 2022 & Deals – Save 70 % Off

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Would you like to wait for a sale at Bob’s Furniture this winter semester? If so, you’ve found the proper site! Over the course of Bob’s Furniture’s Labor Day Sale, you can save up to 70% across the board on things like home furnishings, bedding, and more.

This Labor Day weekend, a wide variety of stores, including Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and many more, are giving steep discounts on a variety of products. As many individuals have the day off work due to the federal holiday, many retailers hold massive bargains in honour of Labor Day.

From the day after Labor Day in 2022 forward, the summer session is a great way to save money. Since Memorial Day is always celebrated on a Monday, it affords many Americans an extra day off each year. Many businesses take advantage of the three-day weekend provided by the Labor Day holiday by offering heavy discounts during the week following the holiday.

Within the next several weeks, the first Bob’s Discount Furniture locations will debut in major cities around the country. According to Furniture Today, the Connecticut-based firm will open two new locations in Independence and one in Merriam around Labor Day. The initiative will help Bob’s grow to 150 locations across 24 states.

According to Furniture Today, Bob’s will move into a 30,000-square-foot space at 19120 E. 39th St. in Independence. Across the street from the Independence Center mall is the Independence Commons shopping centre, which formerly housed a Barnes & Noble.

The Kansas location of the store will be at 5760 Antioch Road in Merriam Town Center, giving the company a total of 37,000 square feet there.  It was a fluke that led to the launch of the retail giant. Bob Kaufman says in a video about the company’s origins, “I actually (bleeped) up my leg” after a horrific motorbike accident.

While looking for a water bed, he had an epiphany, the video claims, after his doctor advised it. Kaufman says in the video, “I kept thinking these stores were trying to pull a fast one on me.” Why are there so many deals right now?” “Why are there so many questionable price tags everywhere?”

Because of this, in 1991, Bob’s Discount Furniture was established in Newington, Connecticut. With projected 2020 sales of $1.7 billion, the chain is ranked 10 on Furniture Today’s list of the top 100 furniture dealers this year. In commercials for Bob’s Discount Furniture, a cartoon version of Kaufman, dubbed “Little Bob,” makes an appearance. Coffee, ice cream, cookies, and candies are all provided free of charge at its in-store cafes.

Bobs Furniture Labor Day Sale 2022

Bobs Furniture Labor Day Sale

The company, which has been around since 1991, is rapidly becoming one of the largest furniture distributors in the United States. Bob’s remains committed to its basic idea that everyone should have access to high-quality furniture by providing outstanding value in an ethical and transparent manner. A comprehensive selection of the company’s high-style, long-lasting furniture, beds, and decorative accessories are for sale through this channel.

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We are open from 11am-7pm Sunday through Saturday and can be found between Old Navy and Office Max. Visit mybobs for more information on the company.


Where is Bob, the owner of Bob’s Discount?

After all, Bob Kaufman isn’t a superhuman. The real Bob no longer appears in ads for the furniture company as often as his puppet counterpart does. When asked why he was leaving, Kaufman compared his exit to those of two other prominent business gurus.

Do we get a military discount at Bob’s furniture?

Bob’s Discount Furniture does not give discounts of any kind, including coupons, promo codes, discounts for veterans or military people, holiday deals, or any other time-limited sales.

Is there any evidence that the furniture sold at Bob’s Discounts originates from China?

Bob’s Discount Furniture uses mostly domestically sourced materials and components in its products, but some are imported from China. The shop has a strong commitment to supporting local communities across the United States.

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