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Aldi Labor Day Hours 2022 – Is It Open or Close?

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On the first Monday in September, Americans across the country commemorate the founding of the United States of America. The holiday in the United States commemorates the American Labor Movement and the contributions of workers to the country’s progress. For a limited time, many retailers take advantage of the holiday shopping season by offering special deals and discounts to their customers. On Labor Day, Aldi’s hours of operation are as follows.

On Labor Day, is Aldi open?

On Labor Day, families and individuals can easily get the necessities from Aldi Hours. It’s a holiday, which means some stores are closed, but Aldi is open. However, they are usually only open for a limited amount of time in a variety of circumstances. Aldi stores are closed on numerous holidays, including New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, as listed on the company’s official website. Other holidays like Labor Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are only open for limited hours.

It was stated in an official website FAQ that the stores were closed on specific holidays, as previously mentioned. They do, however, have reduced working hours on certain holidays, such as Labor Day, Independence Day, and so on. Anyone curious about Aldi Hours Labor Day hours or the Aldi Hours Labor Day sale can do so using the store locator.

Aldi Labor Day hours, according to the website, are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for many locations. Some locations may have a slightly different schedule than others. The location can be used to locate specific hours of operation at a particular store. As an alternative, they can search for a nearby store and check its inventory. However, customers should not attempt to contact Aldi Hours by phone, as no one is available to take their calls there.

They primarily sell groceries and other household goods. 50 billion euros in sales are generated annually by this company. From Italy to Austria to Slovenia to Switzerland to Hungary to the United Kingdom and Australia they are active.

What is the opening time of ALDI on Monday?

If there is no federal holiday tomorrow, most Aldi stores open at 8:30 AM and close at 7:00 PM in the morning and evening, respectively.

On Saturday, what time does ALDI open?

It is typical for all Aldi stores to open on Saturdays, just like they do on other days of the week. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Aldi Labor Day Hours 2022

Aldi Labor Day Hours

In 2001, Aldi opened its doors in Sydney, Australia. In the beginning of 2016, the company had a market share of 12.6%. In addition to the major northern Australian cities of Darwin, Cairns, and Townsville, Aldi is opening new stores across the country. Their market share in Australia is 11%. In 2018, Aldi opened a total of 26 new stores in the country.

Stores are generally open on the days listed above, but there is one exception to this rule: Thanksgiving Day. Store hours may vary depending on the area’s vulnerability to hurricanes. As a result, people need to learn more about it.


Aldi’s opening and closing times, as well as their hours for today, tomorrow, and any upcoming holidays, are all included in this article. Aldi devotes a great deal of effort to providing you with the most accurate information possible. Your nearest Aldi Store is the place to go if you want to save money.


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